Jennett Marketing & Agronomy Services Ltd (J-MAS) is an agricultural consulting company specializing in strategic agronomy and innovative approaches to growing and merchandising South Saskatchewan grains. We have been the area leader in Canola and Chickpea yield as well as Chickpea quality for 7 years running.

Our strategic foresight and rotational decisions have granted us near zero Aphanomyces incidence in an area infested with it. Our Herbicide planning systems have fended off group 1 and group 2 resistances, and we are leading the vanguard on the looming Phosphorus issue. Does your retail even know what that one is?

Every decision on a J-MAS acre is a decision for the long term health of your farm and for what you will be passing down on that acre to you next generation. Ask more of your retail or agronomists than a simple recommendation. There are no simple recommendations.

For more, reach us by email at j-mas@live.ca or call 640-8376. We would be glad to discuss any of these topics for free.


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