Canola Fungicide Timing with Current Weather Forecast

June 20th, 2016

With the forecast in front of us for the rest of this week, and our own beliefs in extended control via a slightly too early App penetrating the canopy, any fields we have rated for you at 15-25% Flower in the last 1-2d may be served better by hitting them today/tomorrow. Those same fields were probably given a 2-4d range recommendation before this forecast came to light.

To gauge it yourself (though yes, we are far more thorough), basically any field where 60+ percent appears yellow from the road would fall into that category. Our perfect target timing otherwise is 25-30% flower which is when 80-85% of the canopy would appear yellow from the road. But some Producers may miss that window if rain and wind forecasts hold. You may be looking at planes otherwise as well.

This is not a year to be late with Sclerontinia applications. Some producer may choose to do 2 applications this year.