A J-MAS OpEd Piece – JKA Bio

John K Augerhandle MD is a freelance writer and an Op-Ed pseudo-name.  He does his best work when controversy is required and unwieldy bibliographies, references, and supported facts just get in the way.  He is an eccentric; a medical doctor with a knack for creating agricultural lore and a penchant for speaking in the third person.  He has a monocle, but wears it over an eye patch.  He is not a pirate.  He is credited with the controversial but stingingly accurate: Case Against Cost of Production Marketing, Why do we call it Marketing?, The Transportation Conflagration and numerous posthumous articles he continues to work on today.  When he speaks, farmers listen.  When he sleeps, the sun goes down.  He is a man with altogether too much power.  And he knows it.