2 comments on “##AgronomyWatch – Consider a Slight Bump-Up on Fert Rates into the Coming Rain

    • If you re-read the post you’ll see that I talked about bumping up the rate today on the 1 day of seeding by 6-9 actual pounds and then dropping the rate of what you seed after the rain. If that’s 3 days worth of seeding to finish the Canola you only need to drop those acres by 2-3 pounds.

      We’ll wait on the rain and see what we actually get and how many days of seeding we lose, but it might be worth stealing Nitrogen pounds from our Durum and put them now into Canola as the spread between Canola to Durum has gone from $1.50 per bushel 3 months ago, to nearly $6 now. We would just have to top-dress some Sulfur to compensate for the lack of it in the Durum blend. But that’s a topic for another post.

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